It’s Time To Get Your Toes In The Sand and a Drink In Your Hand 

When you’re dreaming of a tropical vacation, you want to be certain you are working with a knowledgeable, responsive travel agent who can craft a safe, stress-free vacation that has something for everyone.

Isn’t it time you were enjoying sunny skies and warm, tropical breezes? 



Your Tropical Travel Specialist

Everyone on the internet claims to be an expert.  Be sure that your agent has done more than just complete an online course.

For the past 13 years, I have been a full-time travel agent focusing on creating the best vacation experiences for my guests. I spend a lot of my own time and money visiting resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii so I can ensure that my guests have the best possible vacation.

 When the experience matters, let me be your tropical travel guide.

When you book your tropical getaway with me you get:

  • Worry-free travel.  No more stressing over the details. I handle all of the logistics. You just pack the sunscreen!
  • Knowledge and expertise.  Every travel agent claims to be an expert, but has your travel agent gone beyond the internet?  Not only have I completed the online training programs, but I have personally visited the destinations I sell.  
  • Fun-filled trips for everyone.  No matter who is traveling with you or what they like to do, I can craft a vacation everyone will adore.
  • Value for your vacation dollar. No matter the size of your budget, I will find the best experience for your money.
  • Safety.  There is so much conflicting information about the safety of different tropical destinations. How do you know what to believe?  I can tell you, firsthand, the safest places to vacation.


A Travel Agency You Can Trust

Don’t trust your hard-earned vacation money to a travel agency that sprang up yesterday with agents who have no training or experience.

Modern Travel Professionals has a 13-year history of service to our clients.  We operate with highest levels of integrity and our driving mission is to always do what is in the best interest of the client.

All of our agents are experts in the destinations they book.

We have been recognized by top suppliers in our industry as an agency you can trust.

 Want to check us out? Click on one of the sites below (or all of them)

Virginia State Corporation Commission

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

Better Business Bureau

Sandals Resorts 

Still have questions?  Click below to contact us.

Please note:  Modern Travel Professionals is a DBA name for Magical Mouse Plans, LLC so you may see us listed under the Magical Mouse Plans name. DBA certification provided upon request.


What To Expect

If you’ve never worked with a travel professional before (or you haven’t worked with a great one), you’ve probably got questions.  I’ve got answers!  Check out the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions:

  • Are there any fees for your service?  No!  I never charge additional fees when booking amazing vacation packages for my clients.  
  • How do you get paid if you don’t charge fees? I am paid by the resort or hotel to handle your vacation.  
  • Will I pay more since the resort is paying you? Nope.  Here’s a little-known fact:  You are always paying a commission when you book a trip, whether you book it directly or through an agent.  The only difference is whether the mega-company keeps that commission or if they pay it to me.
  • Do you only work with certain resorts and hotels?  I work with just about every property available.
  • How do we get started?  Click the button below and let’s begin planning your amazing trip!
Find The Perfect Tropical Vacation Package

Worry-free Vacations Everyone Will Love

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

What My Guests Are Saying

Your Experience is My Top Priority

Norfolk, VA 

I grabbed a deal last year at a resort without consulting Christine and it was one of the worst vacations we’ve ever had. What a disaster. Learned my lesson. Won’t do that again. I’ll be consulting her even more in the future because my kids will never forgive me if I put them through something like that again.


Ft. Worth, TX

Christine is an amazing partner for all aspects of trip planning. She helped us select where and when to go, and guided us throughout the decision making process to tailor a vacation perfectly suited for our family. She’s diligent about details and ensures everything is ready for a stress-free and incredible trip! We couldn’t be happier working with Christine (on several trips now) and appreciate all that she does for us!


Yorktown, VA

Christine did an awesome job at helping us every step of the way in planning our vacation. Her expertise about the Caribbean made the whole process stress free and we were able to just focus on looking forward to our trip. She was able to find us exactly what we were looking for and within our budget. She also did a great job of keeping in touch before and after our trip which made us feel like she was always there if we needed any help. 


You can shake the sand from your shoes, but not from your soul.

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