Does this election have you on edge?

It’s been a very long election season and we’ve still got a ways to go. No matter which side you are on, election stress is real.

Before you pull the covers over your head and refuse to come out until January, why not try one of these tips to reduce election stress?

  1. Surround Yourself With Lavender Studies have shown the scent of lavender can help mild anxiety. Light a lavender-scented candle, diffuse lavender essential oil, or spread on some lavender body lotion.
  2. Cook Something Did you know that cooking may have therapeutic benefits?   Cooking encourages creativity, provides a sense of accomplishment, and is a way to nourish others. What you cook doesn’t matter. It’s the cooking that helps ease stress. If you need ideas, I love chocolate chip cookies.
  3. Listen to Lo-Fi Music Studies are in the early stages, but there is evidence that lo-fi music can induce a sense of calm. YouTube has several channels devoted to lo-fi music.
  4. Plan an Enjoyable Event for After the Election Focusing on the cause of your stress increases stress.  Planning an enjoyable event gives your mind a break from the stress-inducing loop and gives you something to look forward to.  There are some excellent options for a stress-relieving tropical vacation!
  5. Day Drink If all else fails, pull out the blender and whip up a Jamaican Smile.  The fruity taste of the tropics will lighten your mood and the rum will mellow you out.  Get the recipe here.

Whatever happens with this election, life will go on.  Take care of yourself and those you love.



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