Don’t let this happen to you!

You get to the airport excited to start your trip, walk up to the check-in counter to get your boarding pass (because, for some reason, you couldn’t check in online) and, suddenly, everything changes.

You will not allowed to board your flight and your vacation is now kaput.

What did you do?  You made one of these five mistakes that you probably didn’t even know were an issue.

  1. Your passport is damaged.  In order to fly, your passport must be in pristine condition.  Even something as minor as a small tear in the cover can render it useless.
  2. Your clothing is deemed inappropriate. You may think that t-shirt is funny, but if the airline considers it offensive, you won’t be able to fly. The same is true for clothing that is too skimpy.
  3. You smell like roses.  Or Axe.  That cologne is just fabulous and you love the scent so much that you’ve drenched yourself in it. Overwhelming scents (or body odor) can leave you standing at the gate.
  4. You’ve got Grandma in your bag.  Well, you have her ashes.  while some airlines will allow you to fly with cremated remains, some won’t.  Those that do often require specific documentation before you can fly with ashes.
  5. You’re drunk.  That airport bar may seem like a great place to wait out your 5-hour layover but if you over imbibe you won’t be getting on your next flight.

Over the years, I’ve seen more than a few people left standing at the gate while the plane departed.  Be sure to have all your ducks in a row before you get to the airport.

Happy Travels!


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