As I prepare for my Back to the Beach event in Montego Bay (see below for details), I’ve been thinking about that time that I had to be rescued at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Yup.  Rescued.

Here’s what happened:

Bil and I were staying at Sandals Montego Bay and we had decided to spend the day at Sandals Royal Caribbean since we had exchange privileges.  While we were there, we thought it would be the perfect time to try stand-up paddleboarding.  We went to the Aqua Center, checked out some boards, had an instructor show us what to do, and we were off.  

We paddled happily in the tropical Jamaican sunshine.  We glided past the over-the-water bungalows.  We enjoyed the warm breeze.

Well, not so much a breeze, but a wind.  A wind that, when we turned around to go back, seemed more like a gale.

You see, that glorious breezed that pushed us way out into the lagoon was making it nearly impossible to paddle back.  We paddled.  And paddled.  And paddled.  But we could never get past this one damn jetty.  We paddled for over an hour and Bil kept saying, “I think we’re making progress.”  But we weren’t making progress.  That jetty was still exactly as far away from us as it had been an hour before and I was getting ready to hit Bil over the head with my paddle if proclaimed one more time that we were making progress.

I was ready to abandon ship and swim for shore when these lovely young Jamaican men from the RIU resort (who owned that damn jetty) came on their jet skis to see if we needed help.  We did.  They radioed for a boat so we could get off the paddleboards and then they called Sandals to come and get us.  When the Sandals boat arrived, the adventure was capped off when a guy in a kayak pulls up to ask if we’d like to buy some weed as I am ungracefully clambering from one boat to the next.  

There was nothing to do but laugh and head for the pool bar for a refreshing Jamaican smile.


Actually, it’s one of my favorite memories from our Jamaican adventures because it’s just so ridiculous. Thank god there aren’t pictures.

That’s the beauty of travel. Anything can, and often will, happen and even misadventures can become fond remembrances.

Now, I’m heading back to Montego Bay on March 25th for a Back to the Beach live event from Sandals Montego Bay and the infamous Sandals Royal Caribbean!  Join in to see these resorts firsthand during my live broadcasts (schedule below).  Be sure to get the LIVE VIP Experience on your calendar to get a $250 perk on your next vacation!  Sign up here to get reminders so you don’t miss out.

And, no, I won’t be trying paddleboarding again.  

Until next time, stay well.


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