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Blocking The Middle Seats Is Dumb

Delta Airlines is getting on my last nerve lately. If I see another ad touting how they are the only major US air carrier still blocking middle seats, I'm going to scream. Even worse are all the travel agents jumping on the bandwagon. "Oh, I...

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I Really Hate Chris Elliott

I'm really irritiated.Last week, I read an article by Chris Elliott, a well-respected travel blogger for The Washington Post,  who said that no one should be traveling now, no matter what.  Furthermore, he implied that travel advisors who book travel for the near...

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5 Tips To Reduce Election Stress

Does this election have you on edge? It's been a very long election season and we've still got a ways to go. No matter which side you are on, election stress is real. Before you pull the covers over your head and refuse to come out until January, why not try one of...

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