I just got back from a trip to Sandal Grande St. Lucian, and it was amazing.  I didn’t realize how much I needed the break until I was there.  Although it was a work trip, I have to say that the warm Caribbean sun and the smiles of the staff did a lot to feed my soul.    

I have a confession, though. 
I was really nervous about traveling with the new requirements in place.  Not only did I need a negative test to enter St. Lucia,  the CDC introduced a new testing requirement for Americans returning from abroad. I would now need a negative test within 3 days of my return flight.

Did I mention that I was scheduled to fly home on DAY TWO of the protocol?  Sure, that’s going to run smoothly…I’m happy to report that all my worry was for nothing!  The entire process was easy from beginning to end.A week before I left home, I made an appointment online at Patient First for my test. I showed up at the correct time and 20 minutes later I was done.  In two days, I had my results. St. Lucia does not accept rapid tests, so I had to wait for lab results.  Each country is different, so it’s important to know which test is required.

I uploaded my results as instructed on the St. Lucia website and completed the authorization form.  I then printed everything out and took it with me to the airport.  My forms were verified at check-in and I was on my way.Now, for the return test.   Again, I was scheduled to travel on day two of the new protocol so I was expecting that there would be testing issues at the resort.

I could have saved myself a lot of worry. Sandals handled the situation seamlessly. I got a letter with my appointment time the day before I was scheduled to be tested. The test is done right on-property. I showed up with my identification, took a 10-second swab (see my awesome video above) and I was DONE. (Oh, and it was free). They verified my test at the airport when I checked in and I was good to go.It’s was really that easy.

The scariest thing that happened was when I checked in at my home airport and the check-in agent thanked me for having my documents in order.  She told me that more people are showing up without the correct documents that are showing up with them. Yikes!  They need better travel advisors. (Note the sarcasm:  I’d bet anything they booked on their own)

I know everyone is not comfortable traveling now for myriad reasons but if you are worried about meeting the testing requirements, that’s one worry you should put aside.  The process is easy.

Now, if you aren’t comfortable traveling for other reasons, don’t forget you can book most vacations through 2023!  Why not give yourself something to look forward to and have a year or more to pay for it?

Stay well.

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