senior travel

Travel for the Young at Heart


It’s Time for Your Next Adventure! 

Retirement is the ideal time to get out and see the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing, whether you’re traveling with your partner, with your family, or with yourself. There are so many great options for seniors to enjoy, whether you’re looking to check something big off your bucket list, or you just want a relaxing getaway. Your next adventure is just beginning! ​ 

Making Your Life Easy

A great trip is all about finding the right fit for you, and I am happy to help whether you’re looking for an exotic adventure or are dipping your toes into travel for the first time. There are lots of wonderful destinations out there, and a variety of ways to see them, and I can assist you in finding the perfect balance of comfort and adventure for your next vacation.

There’s a world of choices out there. From finding the perfect destination to ensuring that you’re completely comfortable, I’m here to make sure your vacation is incredible!



solo travel for women

Travel comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re going solo, there are all kinds of benefits to being a party of one. Traveling on your own allows you to experience a destination on your own terms, doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. If you’ve got the urge for adventure, you don’t need to wait on someone else to tag along – you can make your own travel dreams come true!

But, you don’t have to shoulder all the work of planning yourself! I can help you find the perfect vacation destination, and also help you make the most of your vacation dollars and plan the details of your next adventure. Or, if you’re traveling solo but don’t want to go it alone in a new destination, I can also set you up with group trip options!

Explore the World Worry-Free with Adventures by Disney

When it’s time to explore the world, it’s time for Adventures by Disney! Whether you are looking to visit exotic, bucket-list destinations, discover the wonders of Europe, or simply experience America like never before, Adventures by Disney is the only choice for amazing, hassle-free adventures.

When you embark an Adventures by Disney vacation, you enter a world of VIP access, 5-star service, and stress-free travel.  Whether you choose a weeklong vacation or a quick weekend trip, you will experience the destination in a way only Disney can offer.  No lines, no luggage handling, no hassle.  More guests return to Adventures by Disney than any other Disney destination. Once you’ve experienced the Adventures by Disney difference, you just can’t resist coming back.


Your Next Adventure is Just Beginning


Why Adventures by Disney?

  • Small group tours (40 people maximum)

  • Two dedicated guides on every journey plus a local guide

  • VIP access to all sites and attractions

  • Exclusive experiences that can ONLY be enjoyed by Adventures by Disney guests

  • Stress-free travel – tours, transfers, hotels, most meals, and even snacks along the way are all included. All you need to do is show up!

  • Unique itinerary items — sophisticated adult experiences and kid-friendly activities

With both family-friendly and adults-only departures, Adventures by Disney is the perfect vacation for every family!

the caribbean

Classic Paradise Awaits

Ready to relax with your toes in the sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze? It's time to discover the rhythm of the Caribbean! The Caribbean encompasses so many varied islands with different activities, landscapes, and cultures to explore. Because there is such a variety, there’s truly something for everyone in the Caribbean! Get a taste of adventure and exploration, or simply discover complete tranquility and relaxation - or a bit of both! 

Incredible Service and Exceptional Value

With an extraordinary array of all-inclusive resorts available across its many beautiful islands, the Caribbean offers an enticing selection of experiences, all delivered with excellent service and attention to detail. From delectable dining and drinks, to extraordinary water sport and fishing opportunities, to world-class golf courses and island exploration, there's so much to discover in the Caribbean! 

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