A butler.

It’s not something the average American normally has in their day-to-day life but, at Sandals Resorts, having a butler is an affordable luxury that makes any vacation extra special.

Fresh fruit in your room at 9:00am each morning?  No problem.

Lobster and champagne for lunch?  No problem.

A romantic dinner for two on the balcony?  No problem.

Yes, you want a butler on your next Sandals vacation.

Just don’t forget to tip.

Butlers are the one exception the the “no-tipping” rule that Sandals employees must follow.  You can, and should, tip your butlers.

Here’s a quick guide to how to take care of the people who will take such good care of you.

How much should I tip my butler?

As with any tips, you should tip based on service, but the standard is $20-$25 per butler, per day.  Keep in mind that you will usually have 2-3 butlers during your stay. (They can’t work 24/7, after all!)

When should I tip?

There is a lot of question as to whether you should tip your butlers day by day or at the end of the trip.  I favor tipping day by day and here’s why:

You may not have the same butlers for your entire vacation.  They may seem superhuman, but butlers take vacation and call out sick like the rest of us.  If you tip day by day, you are certain that each butler gets the tip you intended.

Let’s be honest, tips usually result in even better service.  This is not to say you won’t have fabulous service if you tip at the end of your stay but let’s face it, if your butler knows that they are getting tipped, they are definitely going to have a bit more spring in their step.

Should I tip my butler in cash?

Cash is definitely the preferred method of tipping your butler.  While you can put it on your hotel bill (it’s a bit of process), cash tips allow you to allot tips as you see fit and ensure each butler gets what you want them to get. Also, as in the US, cash tips are not taxed in the same way as credit card tips are.

Do I even want a butler? Won’t it be weird?

Yes, it’s weird for about the first thirty minutes. After that, you find yourself looking at your household budget wondering if you can possibly afford to take one of these butlers home with you.

What can a butler do for me?

In short, they can do anything that isn’t illegal or unethical.  Take a quick peek at this video to see what life with a butler is like at Sandals.

Now that you know you want a butler and you know how to tip them, check out some of the amazing butler rooms available on special this week.

Yes, you can afford this!

Stay well!


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